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The damage that people like Fonda, and her fellow sob-sisters visiting NVN during the war, did inestimable damage to the well-being of our POW's, in particular. That both Obamas "admire" the likes of these traitors, having graduated from the Sol Alinski school of thought, doesn't surprise me one bit. I don't have the right or the power to damn them to hell, but I would remind the lefties, all, karma is a b****.
Liar, user, insensitive self-promoter? Oh wait...demonRAT. Got it!
I don't believe that New Yorkers have a clue, yet, just how bad things are going to get. What possessed them to do this to themselves? Good luck- you are going to need it!
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The Incompetent Socialist: Barack Obama

Robyn51 Wrote: Nov 13, 2013 10:38 AM
There is NO such thing as a "competent" socialist. Socialism nevers, has never, succeeded without oppression and misery. The newest crop, here in this country, is only the latest incarnation of a group that has no understanding of human nature and a driving need to rule. And make no mistake- even if we can drive them out, they will always still be there, waiting and planning. Evil exists and it's time to accept that fact.
Certain things have never changed in the past 150, or so, years. To the leftist leadership (the real thing- not that collection of incompetent knuckleheads infesting the WH), politics and politicians mean no more than a means to an end, and demonRAT voters do not matter at all. The more stupid, the better. As long as they can continue the fairytale that only the left "cares about people", then it is all good. But, let's see what the past victims of leftism think- you know, the folks under Stalin, Hitler, Mao. Oh, right...they are all dead.
I laughed when I first heard this. But then, I remembered that some Americans are wont to elect the very worst "leaders" based on their names (think: Kennedy). But this is one of the worst- the grandson of the second worst president in our history? It's just awful enough to happen.
McAuliff's win was a major win for the leftists' voter fraud system- it is truly amazing. And let's not forget their dirty tricks- like funding the run of the so-called "libertarian". God help the good people in VA, and may those who actually voted for that smarmy crook get exactly what they wanted.
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To Each According to His Disability

Robyn51 Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 10:39 AM
Professor, once more, you have nailed it. Turning our young men into oversized, dependent, irresponsible boys has long been the sole purpose of the radical feminists, regarding our male children (Sommers: The War Against Boys). It has much to do with that silly "goddess" mentality they hold so dear. However, in spite of the damage they have done, and continue to do, to our children, Limbaugh was so right- Feminism allows the homely and untalented and mentally damaged females access to the system.
A wonderful column, Mr. Giles! And true beyond a doubt. All of the bad in the last 100 years, while the left subverted our culture and Constitution, happened because good people chose to do nothing.
Oh for sure! The reps need to make ads using her "3am call" ad against Obama and her appearance in Congress demanding to know "what difference it makes" that 4 Americans died in Benghazi and play them over and over and over. And then they can make ads detailing her abysmal failure at the only real job she has ever had. A woman for president? Maybe. Just not THIS woman.
WHY would the voters in VA put THIS smarmy crook in office? How stupid are they? (the question is rhetorical- why would ANYone vote for a demonRAT?)
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