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Seriously? People like the goofs in the WH, the media, and Howard hissownself, make me wonder what, exactly, the so-called "higher" institutions are turning out. If Obama represents the "best and brightest", we are, indeed, in big trouble. Howard, dear, (you screaming bit of overly hysterical messy humanity) please keep your big mouth shut- you suffer when you say things that invite comparisons to yourself.
Truth is relative in all western cultures now. It's what has been taught in public schools- here, and in Europe- for many generations of children. It's never "YOUR" fault, but rather, the fault of some other, "oppressive" group.
It's too late for the "moderate" muslims to speak up- the islamofascists are too numerous and too willing to kill their own. They are afraid and I understand that.
Amen to this article! The author is exactly correct and these tactics are straight out of Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals". But there is one bit of history these "radicals" are missing- the brownshirts are usually the first ones up against the wall.
There is a very important point being missed here: Blacks who own businesses, work and are married are part of a much hated population group- the middle class. These are the "kulaks" of this generation. The leftist leadership uses the ignorant whites and blacks for chaos and destruction. It isn't about race and never was. It IS about destroying the middle class, just as it has always been.
When Gruber called Americans "stupid", he was speaking the mindset of the ENTIRE left wing. It's what they firmly believe, so doubling down on any lie suits them- they are so sure we don't know any better.
Surprised? No. She is also the most stupid member of Congress. She makes Harry Reid look like a genius...almost. However, those that vote for her are even more stupid than she is, putting that over-weaning, rich, old bag in office. They obviously don't know how little she thinks of them. She is of the leftist elite and to them, we ARE stupid as Gruber said. The difference is, those who vote for leftist jerks really ARE stupid.
The pic or Orman made my skin crawl- would you buy a used car from this man? What a Bundyesque face!
Leftism began its takeover of a national party, overtly, in 1968. For the next few years, I watched it strengthen itself and start to grow. I knew it would finally have to show itself for what it is, that it could not continually hide its true nature. All I could do was pray that even the most unengaged Americans would finally see leftism for what it is. I'm still praying. I still get a little sick when I remember Khrushev at the UN, telling us that they would bury us, destroy us from within. I have little faith in polls, but I hope they mean that Americans are waking up.
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