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robinsky2 Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 9:58 AM
Thank you Col. North for exposing the UN for what it is..Mogadishu is a good place to re-locate . Just get it out of the U.S. it's like feeding milk to a dead cat!

GEORGETOWN, S.C. -- Here in the Carolina Lowcountry, there are few things lower in the esteem of American citizens than the United Nations. While filling the tank of my SUV this morning, I noted the following about the pickup truck at the pump ahead of me: a South Carolina license plate, a U.S. Marine Corps decal, a National Rifle Association decal, a gun rack in the rear window, a sticker reading "Armed Infidel" and another that said "Get US Out of the UN" on it. The owner, it turned out, was a medical doctor on his way to visit a...