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Michigan Unions: Why Help Workers When We Can Help Ourselves?

Robin311 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 2:28 PM
This ought to get good. If the Unions sue, can the members counter sue with retaliation as the basis for the lawsuit? That would be within the province of labor laws under the NLRA, wouldn't it? Then it would go to the NLRB, with a situation where a Judge has ruled the appointments to the NLRB unconstitutional. And during the entire process, Unions will be revealing that ugly side of Union activities we all know exists. Yeah, this ought to get good.

Following Michigan's adoption of Right to Work legislation, unions, it seems, have decided that their best chance for self-preservation is a good offense...against their own members. The Wall Street Journal reports on a memo revealing that the unions' strategy for combating the law -- which will undoubtedly cost them precious funds, as already-reluctant members opt to quit -- is to target remaining members as they attempt to minimize loss of influence.

That's the message from a December 27-28 memo to local union presidents and board members from Michigan Education Association President Steven Cook, which recommends tactics that unions can...