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MA Senate: Elizabeth Warren Defeats Scott Brown

Robin311 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:20 AM
Nodeamass, you're correct in saying that we all have right and responsibilities. Here's the problem in the Liberal line of logic....they believe that by implementation of regulations and increases of taxes, this will meet the responsibilities that individuals have to our society as a whole. But that also implies driving our economy, which means people have to work harder in order to succeed in maintaining their lifestyle at a certain level. And they assume people will do this, for the sake of "patriotism" as Liberals define it, under of the banner of what is 'best for society as a whole".
Robin311 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:23 AM
But that isn't necessarily the case, because we do have rights. If decide that I want to voluntarily lower my standard of living rather than working harder, and spend the time that I might have been working with my family or involved in other things, then that is my right to do so. It is my choice to make.

I have no wish to see our nation become a socialistic society, and I'm not much inclined to contributing to the success of that goal any more than is necessary. So I would be in that category of people who probably will choose to exercise my rights by lowering my standard of living.

UltraMan Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:34 AM
Robin, I appreciate what you're saying, but you're wasting your time on these libturbs.

I think having a weaker America is exactly what they want.

They hate America.
HalibutornThrockmorton3rd Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:35 AM
See- Mitt Romney and Steve Forbes and the rest of the lucky sperm club have never wotked hard a day in their life. You do, I do, but I'm not into giving everything to the manor. They laugh at you defending their inheritance.
Antway, looks like "Iltra has cooled off a bit, and there's 1511 days to recover.

America is the best, and we LIBERALS plan to keep it that way. Good night.
UltraMan Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:37 AM
Oh no, as$hole. I treat people how they should be treated.

I catch you . . . and oh well.
Robin311 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 2:43 AM
Actually, I'm defending the heritage of liberty and freedom, and the spirit of independence on which this nation was founded. I couldn't care less about the economic legacy left to the people you mentioned. You may think they will suffer by increasing their taxes, but that's a fools wish because of the way our tax system is structured. They will hire more tax accountants to find loopholes, and the tax burden will shift to the rest of us.

Don't know you Liberals aren't willing to be realistic about that one. Without changes in the tax structure, increasing taxes on the rich is pipe dream.
Humphrey Applebee Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 8:54 AM
Lucky sperm club? You must be talking about the Kennedys, Andrew Cuomo, Jesse Jackson Jr and Nancy Pelosi. None of them ever produce a damn thing in thier lives yet are very wealthy because of that their daddies or grandaddies did. The only difference is that their empires are built on governmental power and not on a productive private secter enterprise.
abond Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 7:51 PM
Living simply is the best revenge!

We at Townhall have been covering this hotly contested Senate race for months and the results are finally in: With 36 percent of precincts reporting, Elizabeth Warren has been declared the next junior Senator from Massachusetts.

Warren has never held public office before and the eye-popping $36 million she raised this election cycle evidently proved more than enough to unseat incumbent Senator Scott Brown. This was the most expensive Senate race of 2012 -- by a long shot.

Stay tuned all day for Townhall election coverage and late into the night for live election results of...