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Jesus Christ, Ted Nugent and Rosie O’Donnell Weigh in on Gay Marriage

Robin311 Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 2:46 PM
Go ahead. As it turns out, the series "The Bible" on the History channel has awakened a broad sector of society who, due to the constant lies and deceitfulness of the left, are getting a very difficult look at the character of Jesus Christ and what He accomplished during His years on this earth. It's generated a new interest in Biblical precepts, which will inevitably lead to a new interest in traditional values. Traditional values DO have a positive part to play in modern society. Regardless of what you do or say, you won't change that.

The other day I was on a radio show being interviewed about my new Sandy Hook Massacre book when the conversation turned to gay marriage. I’m sitting there thinking, “Huh?” … “I didn’t sign up to talk about gay marriage” … “Good Lord, man, I’d rather watch Yoko Ono do an interpretive dance to “Riders on the Storm” then yap about two big lesbians wanting to get hitched.”

Anyway, I caved in and decided to follow the host’s lead and give him my redneck two cents on gay marriage; and here’s what I told him:

Number One. Before I...