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Could the states simply establish and implement state law that provide other citizen options? For example, under Obamacare, public health is going to become a major issue (I know, sounds totally contradictory of the law, but all the same, that is the direction things will begin moving in). Some states will be hit harder than others. Could states set up contingency plans now to safeguard against such an event? Perhaps a public/private offer at the state level? If so, this could go a long way to protecting the economy within the state.
Get creative! Find ways to expand upon concierge medical services. Keep as much outside federally-sponsored health insurance systems as possible (lower regulatory and admin costs which can be passed onto the consumer with encouragement from the state in the form of tax advantages)
The states will need to do more than just this. Providers (doctors and hospitals) will still feel the impact of Obamacare, and this will affect access to care at the state level. That's what the Obama admin is counting on...that people will suffer and there will be human costs, giving the federal government an opportunity to "save the people". Public health is going to be a big deal. Also, temporary public/private health insurance trusts at the state level.
Obama admin to close the ocean off Florida coast. What we're seeing are acts of malice (the desire to inflict pain and do harm to others) I hope they keep it up because the true nature of socialism is being revealed in the process.
I'm sort of hoping that the Obama admin will be foolish enough to hold to this position for a while yet. Apparently, they either haven't caught on to the changing winds OR they're still stuck on the power of Obama's voice. Word is out that the goal is to break Republicans in Congress and the American people alike by using these type of tactics designed to do nothing more than to inflict pain and suffering on the American people.
But, but, takes a village! Isn't that what Liberals are always telling us? Doesn't that apply to healthcare in the same way that it applies to education? Liberals should be willing to lead by example then on signing up for Obamacare, right? Give up their private health insurance for the well-being of society!
Every person likes Reid who blindly follow the lead of narcissist leaves themselves wide open to developing narcissistic traits.
Oh, apparently the left is already bemoaning the President's family is facing...their staff has been reduced from 90 to 15.
The two significant weapons of a narcissist are pain and fear. They have no moral or ethical conviction of any sort that prevents them from causing other to feel pain or having others live in a spirit of fear if it will shape and mold the behavior of others to conform in the manner that the narcissist desires. That's how they teach other people "to know their place".
The reason it seems like they are trying to hurt average people is because they ARE trying to hurt average people. When someone who has narcissistic tendencies is put in a position of authority, their desire to be in control off things all the time can often cause them to behave in a manner that is malicious and vengeful. They demand to have things their own way, then when things don't go the way they want them to go, they make use of the authority and power they have to 'put their foot down, lay down the law, teach people their place", etc. And if that means hurting people in the process...oh, well, the end justifies the means as far as they are concerned. President Obama has narcissistic traits. That's part of who he is.
Well, that would definitely explain why most of the people I know who are actually qualfiied for navigators jobs weren't considered...we know the law, many of us have credentials with national organizations, and ethics standards require that we report fraudulent activity.
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