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Individual crime is a completely different issue than group / religious driven hatred. Wake up to Jihad!
Purple, Toucan, Where does truth fit into the picture? Romney left Bain 7 years before the man's wife died. He was no more responsible for her death, than you or I were. It is so far from the truth...Why doesn't this even make the discussion?
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New York Times: We Deserve the Soda Ban

Rob ID Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 9:29 PM
Make people with unhealthy lifestyles pay the cost in higher medical insurance premiums. Eliminate government control and let the market take over. If people had to pay for their poor decisions they would most likely change, or if they had the money and wanted to pay for it let them live how every they want!! This is America after all (or it used to be anyway!)
The way some “Christians” tear down Mormonism is in no way an accurate reflection of Him you claim to follow. Please abandon the title “Christian”, you bring shame to the name!!! Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the concepts of forgiveness and charity!
Mormonism is no cult, and Greg Hengler is certainly no Christian!
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