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You can figure that if the fascistic Hillary doesn't run (and I think she will) then we'll just have another fascist on the Dem ticket.
I enjoy Kaley's acting. if she chooses to serve to serve her spouse then what do they care? I thought that empowering women o have a choice was what it was supposed to be about. Silly me.
Build "tent city" incarceration camps out in the deserts and hold them there until their hearing dates as high flight risks.
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Random Thoughts

Roberty Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 8:43 AM
Whenever your view is in her best interest.
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No Longer a Republican

Roberty Wrote: Dec 22, 2014 9:14 AM
A true Libertarian country would not be taking care of those exercising their freedom to do whatever they want to. To require healthcare workers to take care of people is close to slavery and that is against Libertarian philosophy. We were much closer to Libertarian 100 years ago.
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New Poll: Romney, Clinton Lead for 2016

Roberty Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 12:56 PM
I'm at the point of going for a third party. However, it must start at the local and state levels and then push for the White House. I don't think that the GOP really has much interest in defending my individual liberty.
They're probably having fits of ecstasy contemplating a Romney/Bush or Bush/Romney ticket. I'll vote Libertarian.
Read John Hawkins column. Romney would be better than Obama but he would still not address the issues that need to be righted because he does not believe in smaller, less intrusive government and fiscal responsibility.
These "government shutdowns" that I have observed have had no effect on most Americans aside from the non-stop media bleating and the bureaucracy taking forced vacations. Shut it down. I'll enjoy it.
I heard that the real attack on Cain came from the Romney machine.
I love Sarah Palin but she has been trashed so badly that I don't think that she could get enough votes.
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