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Hopefully replaced with freedom and liberty.
This 35 jobs number is also misleading. I assume that there will be 35 pipeline operators and that is where that number comes from. The plan is to refine the oil on the Gulf Coast and ship it out to other markets. That means a lot more refining, storing, shipping and maintaining jobs.
I can't see myself voting for either one of these guys.
I keep looking and I still can't find authorization for the Federal Government to be involved in my healthcare in my copy of the US Constitution. Any ideas?
Why aren't any state legislatures invoking articles of nullification? Education is only a part of the over reach of the Federal Government.
I don't plan to vote for either one of them.
And are you a small government, freedom and liberty loving, low taxes kind of a guy or just another Republican?
I fully agree that ObamaCare should be repealed and replaced with free market solutions.
Jeb is clearly better than Hillary. I might agree with 80% of the positions of a candidate but if a part of that 20% is unacceptable what do they expect me to do? If I agree with 20% and disagree with 80% and the 20% is more important to me than the 80% what do they think that I'm going to do? The GOP better find out what the people really want rather what some one thinks they want.
You can figure that if the fascistic Hillary doesn't run (and I think she will) then we'll just have another fascist on the Dem ticket.
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