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That's what I keep trying to tell people.
I refer people to Barry Goldwater's "Conscience of a Conservative." Saves a lot of argument.
We are being invaded so we need to act like it. In other words enforce the border with force.
Isn't there something about the President and Vice President not being from the same state?
Assuming that (and I don't) ObamaCare was rolled out sucessfully and is a big improvement over the previous state of the healthcare industry in America, I still find myself wondering how it promotes and protects my individual liberty and just precisely what and where in the wording of the U.S. Constitutiion authorizes the Federal government to be involved in my healthcare decisions.
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Reporter Without a Visa at the Border

Roberty Wrote: Jul 17, 2014 1:51 PM
"one-way coach class ticket to the Philippines! " Why not a one-way ticket on a slow freighter instead?
At what point will it become necessary for the citizens of this country to start actively defending ourselves from this foreign invasion since the government won't?
"withholding basic health care like birth control from women is gender bigotry." Birth control is basic health care? These women are nuts. I find myself wondering just how much contrception these cows really need.
If I distill this down to its simplest form: By not being butted in on everyboby's business, much of the problems would not have developed. A secure border combined with logical immigration (like temporary workers) laws and not having created the drug cartels by not being involved in private citizens life style choices or healthcare would not have created this situation. I know that there are other causes as well.
Pot calling the kettle black?
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