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And the Democrats are darn good liars.
I voted for Ted Cruz and would vote for him again.
But, and here is the kicker, Romney ,while better than the O,still would have been a horrible statist, liberty grabbing cow towing POTUS.
Chelsea in 2020? Just kidding!
Chelsea in 2020? Just kidding!
I think Jeb would lose to her period. Note: I never did and will never vote Clinton.
So, we should not punish law breakers equally? Does that mean that I can break the law if I can convince a politician that I deserve to get away with it? Is the phrase "rule of law" meaningless? Inquiring minds want to know.
Ann, you left out the "comprehensive immigration reform" signal. Every politician R or D that I hear use this phrase has some form of amnesty in mind. If the GOP really wants to win and govern then they should start teaching, preaching, and ACTING conservatism.
If they are a fascist then how does voting for them promote and protect my individual liberty? That is why the GOP is having so much trouble; they are fascist lite and the base that they should be able to count on is the very people that they dsienfranchise. The Republican Party had the House, Senate and the Presidency and our government grew bigger, more expensive, and more intrusive. So, again I must ask, "What will the GOP do to protect and promote my individual liberty?"
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Recovering America's Exceptionalism

Roberty Wrote: Apr 16, 2014 4:59 PM
It is the values promoted by the Judeo/Christian religions and the freedoms and liberties to exercise them and a "can do spirit."
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