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The Obama "House of Cards" administration is about to receive two lethal blows,, one being the Benghazi cover-up that did not go away and the other is the IRS which under Obama's plan is to have a lot more power in executing and policing Obamacare as it becomes piece by piece activated, even the democrats who in the past supported Obama's hope & change will come to realize that implamenting obamacare is a nitemare and Benghazi and how pbama handled it is not acceptable...
so far Obama has used innocent children, cripples, & now local police to push his agenda,, whether they volunteered or not,,, the man has no conscious and is not beyond making a fool of him self,, Obama's not apposed to lying and using counterfeit measures to get support,, that's why I'm not at all bothered to call him out for what he is,,, which is a phony un-American, radical Muslim brotherhood supporter who has no right to be where he is,,, he should be impeached at best for the good of this country,,,,
Cuomo & Bloomberg, the Gov & the mayor of my once favorites city are so far out of line that's it's hard to believe (at least for me) that New Yorkers let these liberal jerks get away with their absurd policies,,
he might be the best gun sales person, but I gotta tell ya as a president or world leader he ain't worth a shi*t !
by the way I think that the only president that did a really good job with out all the special effects and kept us safe and in his best interests was Dwight D. Eisenhower, a true Commander in Chief, and a wonderful President and world leader, one of his quotes is my fav. "only a politician would be satisfied with a limited war" either you are in a war or you are not ! so don't half arss it, don't go or go all the way
neither party is appealing to me as a voter, hasn't been for a long time, when I was drafted President Dwight D. Eisenhower was I office, after I came back from Viet Nam was discharged and joined or try to join the human race again I was disappointed with the way the country (America) was going so I went to Europe for a while (12years) came back again an was even more disappointed, now I feel that I should have stayed in the service but instead I became a world traveler and I feel a lot more wiser and educated about how the world operates, how different people from different life styles react to the political world of politics. I wonder how we as a nation are going to wind up as, either a socialistic or democratic country. Only time will
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