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Paul: We probably can't get rid of 'Obamacare'

RobertMN Wrote: Sep 22, 2013 7:47 AM
Don't ever buy this slogan (and it is one). Obamacare can be repealed at any time the Republicans control Congress and/or the White House.

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. (AP) — Republican Sen. Rand Paul says President Barack Obama's health care law probably can't be defeated or gotten rid of. And he's suggesting there are few ways and little time for him and other congressional Republicans to stop it.

Speaking to reporters Saturday at a gathering of Michigan Republicans, the presidential prospect said Republicans in Congress could use votes on measures in the House and in the Senate to come up with compromise legislation that could make the law more palatable. Some provisions, Paul said, include removing caps on health savings account contributions or deductibles for health policies.