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Couldn't crown Obama "President for Life."
Since when is contraception a basic health need? What are these "people", sex zombies? As if they'd become extremely ill without contraception. Oh, that's right, pregnancy is an illness. Be responsible for your own sexual behavior. Buy your own contraception.
Not according to the welfare state.
Check out the pink poster in the photo: "My birth control. My decision." Your responsibility, not mine.
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Mrs. Obama Declares War on Chick-fil-A

RobertMN Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 4:33 PM
Good thing FLOTUS is on the job. Because if she didn't tell you what your kids can or cannot eat, who would?
"Pugnacious populist." Right. How about "another decisive, self-serving, lying, Big Government elitist bigot"? Grow government, increasing spending, advance Obamacare, and raise taxes that will continue to gut the middle class while ripping this country apart with all of her now-famous finger-jabbing hate speeches. Yeah, that's what we need to turn this country around. That and raising the minimum wage -- HA!
You mean pills that kill offspring.
"Free" birth control. It comes from the Big Lefty Government machine that runs on solar, never needs repair, and can make anything without using natural resources. Yay! Enemies of this country have overrun the federal government.
This is what happens when you put a reckless, cowardly, irresponsible, lazy, deceitful, dishonest Pajama Boy into the White House. Character matters. No more "royalty." Term limits will cure this disease.
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NPR Shills for Socialism

RobertMN Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 7:39 AM
He should live there. Really (as in "get lost, pajama boy"). Another example of how these Lefties end up defending the worst humanity has to offer (see the lying, cheating, deceitful Obama & his administration). Otherwise, they'd have to admit they're wrong.
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