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The Power Of Scapegoating

RobertMN Wrote: Aug 10, 2014 8:07 AM
Resentment works because it's easy -- easier than trying, failing, and having to try again. Blaming works the same way. Then you don't have to be responsible for your life, or change any of your bad habits. Let the whining begin.
When your livelihood comes from tax dollars, socialism is your friend.
The only bigots are the ones writing this hateful tripe. "Because you know how all those colonists were!"
I'll pay Townhall what they want if they just remove this person's picture from their Website. God have mercy on us all.
This is what happens when you pick a side (as newspeople shouldn't do) and then you have to defend your choice or admit that you were wrong. He's chosen to look like a fool.
Definition of a "Progressive": Someone who's doing something he knows he shouldn't, but has no intention of stopping. Wonder what this clown is doing off-camera?
In another word: losers.
Part of the plan to destroy America from within. Obama calls it "transformation." Sounds great, doesn't it?
Brutally honest. Watch it.
Not when you're "entitled." Contrary to reality, according to them, businesses exist to provide people livelihoods -- profits be damned.
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