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Comical. "Seven years", and what did we get out of all those years? And have you seen the National Debt lately? As for corporate profits, it is a testament to the success of our capitalistic system that it can adapt and change so readily even when faced with self-destructive socialist economic policies. "Profits" can come with a price (see all unemployment figures, especially work-force participation).
As if being responsible has become obsolete. (Well, it has with the Lefties -- see Obama.)
So men having sex with men/boys is normal and healthy -- not extreme -- and should be celebrated. You are lazy, dishonest, and a coward -- all for the sake of going along.
Moral corruption of our society is not newsworthy. Right. "What's the big deal?" The self-destructive Lefty mantra.
"He emphasizes that liberals only encourage blacks to blame their problems on whites and to make themselves out to be victims." As every loser in the world understands, it's a lot easier blaming others for personal problems. Then you don't have to change behavior, try -- or fail. Dems see political opportunities in promising the world to potential voters. That's easy, too. But when they don't deliver, their Thousand-Year Reich crumbles (see Obama administration).
will_ethan et al bought it. That's all that matter's to Barry.
Will's all in for lawless, Un-American presidents and administrations. Yay!
Paid a settlement with our tax dollars.
Doing children on the side, b-boy?
". . . force ideological agendas. . ." You mean like the way Obama is forcing abortion on us all thru Obamacare? That kind of forcing?
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Marriage and the 'Wrong Side of History'

RobertMN Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 5:35 PM
We've become lazy, dishonest, and cowardly people as we equate homosexuality with heterosexuality just so we can avoid debate about healthy sexuality -- the cornerstone of healthy families, societies, and civilizations. If your brain is telling you that a same-sex person is a suitable mating partner, you may have a big problem.
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