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Sounds like something Hitler did with his "youths."
Self-destructive policies always self-destruct. The Lefty 1000-Year Reich that Obama ushered in is a perfect example. And when the minions don't get the stuff they were promised, they get even.
The destruction of America, according to plan.
They're contemptuous and intolerant of those with opposing views. It's called bigotry. And it also has infested our federal government, including the White House.
Warren is another self-serving, full-of-herself hate-monger -- a Lefty bigot -- and four years of her offensive finger-jabbing, anti-capitalist lectures and ruinous ideology will keep open the social and economic wounds that the current street-punk radical president has created.
Scratch a "progressive," and beneath the facade, you'll find someone who's doing something they know they shouldn't, and has no intention of stopping.
The debate is -- as it always has been throughout human history -- is what constitutes healthy sexuality, and whether society has the right to determine this (of course it does!). Healthy sexual practices are the bedrock of healthy families, societies, and civilizations. Hence the "discrimination."
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When Child Sex Abuse Isn't News

RobertMN Wrote: Sep 05, 2014 7:57 AM
When you're at war with white conservatives, this abuse story serves no purpose.
It's all about their hatred for the Right. Whatever we're for, they're against. I'll bet she'd be willing to kill her own children if she knew we opposed it.
Pronounced "guilty" before charges. Talk about a violation of civil rights. From the president and AG, no less.
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Obama fails History 101

RobertMN Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 7:55 AM
Says a lot for those 57 states.
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