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Dems playing politics with our needs, as usual.
Stoking the fires of resentment and hate for her power ambitions. See "1984."
Glad you mentioned "Corporations aren't people!" Warren. She has lots of 'splainin to do, too.
". . . we conservatives lose the opportunity to actual win the market economy debate." If a majority of the public does not immediately see the insanity of Hillary's statement -- that we have to "win" the market economy "debate" -- this country is indeed headed for ruin.
Holder's biggest regret: not "passing" gun-control legislation Fast & Furious-ly.
Get the Lefties out of the education business. They're poison.
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Capitalism and Climate Change

RobertMN Wrote: Sep 25, 2014 10:54 AM
Now you're getting to the end game of the "Green" movement. And the Lefties are lining up.
If the elder Rockefeller were alive today, she said, he would be “investing in alternative energy sources and renewables right now.” Yeah, he wanted to "save the planet," not make money.
Get ready for the global wealth redistribution plan, coming to a U.S city or town near you.
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