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The Problem with Dartmouth

RobertMN Wrote: Apr 18, 2014 11:28 AM
The self-destructive policies and beliefs of the Left. We see the same results with the current president and his "administration." That's why I always laugh when the Left proclaims their Thousand-year Reich -- and a few years later, it naturally self-destructs. But this is what happens when you replace "In God We Trust" with "If It Feels Good, Do It."
And the definition of healthy human sexuality, which is the bedrock of healthy families, societies, and civilizations. Your "what's the big deal?" attitude is typical for those who lack wisdom, and are reckless, lazy, irresponsible, and cowardly (see Obama).
David's a good little "useful" follower, aren't you, David?
So here we are, after 200,000+ years of human existence, we've "progressed" to this: "The natural, procreative potential of opposite-sex couples distinguishes that group from same-sex couples," Campbell said. I'm sure the Left will disagree.
Repeal and impeach. "Yes we can." Yes, we will.
Future Democrat voters. "It's not MY fault -- it's YOURS! I'm not responsible for anything! (see Obama, et al)
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The Obama Administration Trolls

RobertMN Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 10:53 AM
"As with so many of his other policies, by choosing this course, the President is sacrificing the long-term good of this country for his own, short-term political objectives. Sad. And destructive." This is what they do (historically). Which is why we need term limits.
Big Brother may learn to fear the sun someday, justifiably.
If you're a liar, fraud, and incompetent, what else could you possibly do? (See Obama)
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