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Even the pretense of tolerance is gone

RobertinNorTex Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 7:12 AM
I have a partner. Len is 76 years old and we are friends. We have to be careful though. By saying we are partners, people assume that since we are both men, we are committed to each other. But we are not. You see, we are business partners, not life partners and as business partners we are losing our rights to hire who is the best, to determine if we want to offer health insurance and even to get equal treatment for bank loans. You see we are both evil, selfish white males and others are more equal than us.

For a while, advocates pushing for the redefinition of marriage did so from behind closed doors, and in a manner that all but guaranteed their efforts could not be traced back to them. In time, however, they began pushing for redefinition in the light, but always with the careful use of a specific lexicon that allowed them to state what they wanted to accomplish while simultaneously not stating it in concrete terms.

And as this shift was undertaken, purveyors of a distorted and expanded view of marriage carefully attempted to appear tolerant of all who disagreed with them.