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So his lovely wife can continue the royal lineage.
And they wonder why we hate their guts so much.
The Tea Party is people who are tired of our excessive government represented by Thad Cochran. We are not organized, but we want change. The so-called tea party leaders are trying to turn us into a political party, we do not want. We love Ted Cruz because he speaks the truth and fights for us. Jim DeMint does too, but he was driven out of the Senate.
Of course they are on Death Support. Death is how you control your waiting lists. It is the same with Medicare. After age 76, you lose the "right" to have certain medical procedures even if they prolong your life.
Communism Works! Just ask the Democrats.
Another stupid lefty. When the Republicans failed to cut wasteful spending? And, he wants to be a Lefty. This is what our military has come to - incompetent leaders, left wing bozos and stupidity.
Just put picture and citizen ID's on Snap cards. Problem solved.
The differences in the rationale and thinking between this idiot and Mark Levin is absolutely amazing. One tries to make a case for his bad decisions, the other wants to strengthen the constitution. Who do you believe?
Walmart has a large stock of marshmallows. That would be fun!
So what's the point. It's California, fruits and nuts are in charge. Now they're contaminating my State, Texas. The first part of immigration reform should be to restrict Californians to California.
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Don't Dump Pennsylvania's Governor

RobertinNorTex Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 6:53 AM
Now all governors have the luxury of being a pure conservative. It would be nice but not practical. Governor Corbett is a good manager who has helped the State of PA. I am a staunch conservative, but not a dumb one. Of course I have the luxury of living in Texas. Being a governor is about jobs and management. Vote Republican.
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