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Inside the Politics of Keystone

RobertinNorTex Wrote: Nov 22, 2014 1:05 AM
It is very possible that the Repubs will be able to get a veto proof vote in the Senate. They already have it in the House. Payback is Hell for incompetent Prezs.
When I lived in Ohio, John Kasich was my Representative. We also attended the same church. I've always liked him. Didn;t always agree with him, but liked and respected him. I would vote for him for President in an instant. The Republicans have some good, viable governors who would be excellent Presidents - Martinez in NM, Walker in Wisconsin and Kasich. Too bad the powers that be are in love with the Bully in NJ and Romney, who is a good man, but a lousy campaigner.
The D's will line up unregistered, non-citizen voters, load them on buses and flood the polling places, ala Richard Gerhart and Harry Reid. In the mean time, the Repubs will try to play fair, cry foul and lose. Same 'ol, same 'ol.
Talks a good story. When is he going to lead us to achieve those five goals. Where are the RINO's voices. Oops, I forgot. Back to DC, back to same ol', same ol'.
She's a poster child for abortion. Her mother should have had one.
You got to hand it to the leftists. They will do anything to keep Harry Reid in charge of the Senate so they don't have to vote on anything. Don't know why we are worried about ISIS. The Dem leftists are more destructive to this country than any terrorist organization.
How many Christians did ISIS behead today?
I'd like a BLT to go please. Have a Muslim to feed.
I miss Maine. Isn't it refreshing that a politician is free and open the way he talks. No phony apologies. No phony promises. No just phony, like Obama. Just does the job for the people of Maine.
I just moved my scripts from Walgreens to a local pharmacy. Better service, no change in out of pocket costs, no long lines or understaffed personnel. Haven't set foot in Walgreens in over 90 days.
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