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Keep writing your posts GrafSpee. Love to read posts from the ignorant. The constitution doesn't grant wealth, only the opportunity to live free and secure. If you don't take advantage of your freedom, so be it.
Who are the O's going to live off of when we finally get them out of OUR HOUSE. He is he highest paid community organizer in history.
A stupid move. He's a congressman, what do you expect? Smart, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
How can the GOP win? 1. Attack Obamacare's hidden issues, Dr. choice, additional costs, etc. 2. Talk about grocery prices and the decline in average wages. Anybody who has been to the store understands this. 3. Talk about gas prices and inflation. 4. Did I mention Obamacare's additional costs. 5. Massive food stamp fraud 6. Tie all Dems to Nancy and Harry (Stretch and Bozo) 7. Fire all Republican consultants
I can't image any of the women in the picture ever having sex with anyone.
No matter what you call it - it's infanticide when you take the life of a baby, even if unborn.
Aspen's answer to low income workers was to start a bus line between Rifle, Glenwood Springs and other communities so the little people can commute to work. Santa Fe, NM did the same with a rail line between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Got to keep those people out of the community except to keep the restaurants staffed, lawns maintained and houses cleaned.
One only has to look to Aspen to understand the liberals idea of affordable housing. Aspen requires new developments to build some affordable housing. These units 7 years ago were selling for $650 K and up. Single wide manufactured homes were selling for over $1 M. In NYC it probably means $6 k per month rent. Affordable housing is what you want it to be. If condo buyers or renters in high rises want to subsidize the little people, so be it. At least they are keeping their socialism away from the rest of us for the time being.
Time for a Rick Perry ad in Commiticut. Note to Conn. citizens. Please stay in Commiticut. We don't need your liberal politics in TX, OK, KS or LA.
I know, I just wanted to show my intellectual superiority over left wing trolls.
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