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The Republican Hispanic Challenge

Robert G2 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 1:32 PM
Another fool who does not understand Republicanism. Most dumbocrats don't.
Stuart95 Wrote: Dec 03, 2012 1:51 PM
I think None1257 asks a good question. The R's talk about limited government, but seem to spend money nearly as freely as do D's on all manner of extra-Constitutional social programs and wars. Sure, the R's have their occasional thematic triumphs ("Bush Tax Cuts"), but you must concede that they send a mixed message ("Bush Recession").

To win elections, the neoR's are going to have to distance themselves from the paleoR's. They can only do this legitimately by explaining what policies of the paleoR's are to be abandoned, and what new principles are to be adopted by the neoR's.

When it comes to criticism from the left, the neoR's are going to have to be able to say, "Yeah, we don't do that anymore. We do [ ] instead."

Although Mitt Romney took flak for his statement that he lost the election because President Obama bestowed “gifts” on key parts of the electorate, what he said is basically true.

We’re stuck in a deadly spiral where economic growth is retarded because the economy is larded with enormous and ever-increasing government spending and debt. Yet, more and more Americans want the lard.

President Obama got re-elected by promising to continue to serve it up.

Romney’s failure, and the failure of the Republican Party, is not that Obama is pulling this off, but that they can’t get their act together to explain...