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The "Obama Tapes"

Robert97 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 11:26 AM
"bot-insignificant" Is that a typo? Should it be "some but insignificant"? If the damage is insignificant, why write the paragraphs that follow? IMHO, the tape's effect is small, but may be significant, for the reasons Carol spells out.

The Daily Caller's taped speech of Barack Obama praising his pastor, bellowing about racism and generally pandering to an audience of black pastors isn't really the "game changer" that many might have hoped (or thought) it would be.  Partisans on both sides may hope or fear it's big, but my sense is that normal people just aren't going to completely change their votes on the basis of it.  

Indirectly, though, it does do some bot-insignificant damage to the President and his partisans in the press.  Here's how:

1. The President - it presents Obama with an authenticity problem.  The...