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It is certainly a position held by many that the purpose of the Second Amendment was and is to protect against THE government.
Maybe Maddow has a hearing problem. Her world view is such that she hears things in quotes that support her position, even if (or especially if) the quotes are actually not there. Or she is simply lying.
Here are some of the Governors, from the 20th century: Wilson, FDR, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, GW Bush.
An excellent team.
Of course Senator Rubio would say that; govenors Jeb Bush, Christie, Walker, Perry, Romney, etc. might disagree. Maybe we should try something other than electing a Senator with little experience. Did not work so well in 2008.
I am not a fan of Menedez, my senior Senator from NJ. But he is right on here. I was expected better things from our other Senator, Cory Booker. At least we from the very top of NJ have a strong conservative Congressman, Scott Garrett, who was one of the 25 to vote against Boehner as Speaker.
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Obamacare Website Sharing Personal Data

Robert97 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 4:31 PM
This does not include information that is hacked from, which is notoriously leaky. Incidentally, I had a situation many years ago when IRS gave my income information with VA, so VA could determine how much I should pay for a "treatment" which I did not receive. I was not at all pleased.
How about transfering to a college where the professors teach rather than indoctrinate? With the charges of $50,000+, the student-customers should get what they and their parents want.
Most of the time in academic research, the goal is to get 95% or higher probability of being correct. Most researchers, if they were only 38% sure, would keep their mouths shut.
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Why Orthodox Jewish Women are Happy

Robert97 Wrote: Jan 19, 2015 1:34 PM
That is the problem. Yes, the civil law can protect her, but then she has to give up the religion which presumably is very meaningful to her.
At least we would get some laughs from Biden. And the policy couldn't be any worse.
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