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Has she made any records in the last 25 years?
In the same way, Dems are lying to minority members. Who keeps the inner cities full of disfunctional union-dominated pulbic schools, relegating the minorities to generations of poverty? Who encouraged the distruction of minority families? Who looks the other way when hundreds of minorities are killed by gunfire? That would be, my friends, the Dems.
College students all have picture ID.
RodT said the AG, meaning Holder, was the most corrupt in history, not ACORN. If ACORN was found innocent, why was it forced to close down?
There was a movement in 1968 for NYC (and Long Island) to secede from NY State, and set up their own state. Maybe it would have been good for the rest of NYS (and also Illinois) for the corrupt metro area to keep their hands out of the rest of the state.
Maybe solar power? Lots of desert = lots of sunshine.
Compare to a recent story that the level of water in the Great Lakes is suddenly going up.
And the movie maker should not be punished for making it.
The start of the liberal 60's anti-war was a group at UC-Berkeley called "The Free Speech Movement."
Two comments: 1. The distinction between detailed rules and professional discretion is going to keep US accounting rules (GAAP) different from everyone else's (IFRS). 2. I am currently reading Thatcher's autobiography. She points out that Labour's attempt of government to solve so many of society's issues in the 1950's and 1960's led to increasing disatisfaction with government.
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Questions from a Concerned Parent

Robert97 Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 5:00 PM
When I taught Intro to Economics, I would present the various schools of thought. Sometimes the students ask my opinion, and I tell them my job is to help them understand several viewpoints, not tell them my opinions. One student sent me an email, "last week I thought you were conservative, but after today's lesson, I think you are liberal. Which is it?" Same answer.
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