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Alec Baldwin vs. Liberal Bullies

robert836 Wrote: Nov 20, 2013 9:36 PM
Yep, in a lot of ways Baldwin is a "conservative", he just seems to be to dense to realize it.
If Nixon had been democrat, nobody would have ever heard of "Watergate".
So nobody knows who these people really are because they don't have any documentation like birth certificates so they are just giving out any name. How do we know we don't have wanted criminals either from Mexico or another state and now they get official documentation under any name they choose and a new identity courtesy of the liberal lunatics who only see votes.
Of course they want to believe in a conspiracy it's easier then admitting a lone, leftwing kook killed this president.
"Americans", no, Somalians who the US government thinks are good fits in our society, yes.
Wiener boy should shoot some pics of his member to Maddow, she's probably never seen one and would absolutely make her off herself.
And just remember, leftwingers and black race hustlers want to disarm you as well, so it will make it easier for whites to be killed. I am convinced that is why they really hate George Zimmerman, because he had the audacity to fight back with a gun instead of just taking his beating and possible death lying down.
It's also why they are pushing for the legalization of 11 mil illegals in the hopes they can have an army of Mexican agitators on the streets of America.
At this point in time I can't see why any young American kid would join the US military just to continually be sent to fight in the middle east for God only knows what for.
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