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President Obama and Racial Division in America

robert60 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 11:24 AM
One good thing will come out of the democrat/obama use of the race hatred tactic: The epithet of "racist" has been depleted of credibility. It fuelled the lefwing hate machine for years, but exessive and inappropriate use has rendered it inert. Indeed the race card has now achieved a status comparable to the intenetr standard for the Hitler card: first person to use it automatically defaults, and loses the argument, whatever it is. Thanks again liberals, for your hateful self-defeating over-reach.
John1921 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 1:17 PM
The only problem with this analysis is that only one side has adopted your rules. "Hitler" still packs a wallop with Jewish voters and, mega-especially, Jewish campaign donors. The term "racist' far from loosing its power, is quickly being transformed from a condemnation into a criminal charge. That's what all 'hate-crimes' in fact are doing. O.J. gets acquitted, in the face of complete proof of guilt, because an investigating officer was a 'racist'. Of course, the larger factor in the O.J. case was that blacks on the jury did not believe slicing and dicing a couple of crackers was worth jail-time. The idea of a post-racial society, anywhere but Iceland, is insane. America is just as racist (i.e., normal human behavior) today as it was ....
John1921 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 1:21 PM
300 years ago. The only difference is that a diferent race (or alliance of races) is in charge today. Affirmative-action, contract set-asides, racial quotas. This is a plain old racial spoils system, except today it favors minorities and discriminates against whites, just as it favored whites 60 years ago. This is the reality of social groups, human or animal. Dominance hierarchies. In-groups and out-groups. It's innate, immutable, and inherited Human Nature.

Before Barack Obama was elected as our 44th president, I issued a warning to my radio listeners: As much as I was eager to see a black man (and black family) in the White House, if he was the wrong man for the job, rather than bringing greater racial unity to America, he would bring greater racial strife.

I truly wish I had been wrong about this, but the facts speak for themselves. And clearly, this is not rocket science.

For the most part, a white, Hispanic, or Asian vote for Barack Obama in 2008 demonstrated that Americans were...