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An Open Letter to the Political Right

robert60 Wrote: Aug 03, 2014 9:45 AM
"I get that voting for the lesser of two evils sucks." Anyone who defiantly declares that he "will not vote for the lesser of two evils" displays a profound ignorance of the political history and process of the American republic. The proper understanding of the American citizen is to "vote for the best candidate available" and hold him accountable, once elected. This works, when ever we try it, but the key is the second half, holding the rascals accountable. That's why we didn't get saddled with amnesty under George Bush. He was the best candidate available, we elected him, and raised such holy hell that even he declined to push "immigration reform" through the willing democrat Congress. Sitting back waiting for the candidate to come and pander to your own particular position is the posture of the loser. And from the comments here so far, we have losers abounding on the right. We have 150 million potential voters in this country, more or less. You think anyone cares about "deserving" or "earning" your personal one vote? Get over it, grow up, and if you don't like the choices, get involved and help find better ones.
Leftwingers are all the same. Ideology first, everything else, including truth, second. Jesus came to earth for the salvation of souls, not for tinkering with the economic structures of the Roman Empire. Geez.
Misguided wasteful and ineffective "programs" do not display "caring" they display stupidity and arrogance. There is no virtue in good intentions when they lead to costly waste and achieve no good end. BTW adult diabetes began to accelerate after the Government, yep, the same caring government you seem to trust, doubled its recommendations of carbohydrate intake back in the 80's, as a way to combat heart disease. If you or any other do-gooder wanted to help children's health you would fight to reinstate gym classes and recesses with vigorous play activities. Twenty minutes of running around playing dodge ball would do a lot more good than a serving of broccoli in the garbage.
Powell got his start in Washington thanks to Ronald Reagan, who saw his talent when he was anonymous. His career flourished under Bush41. For him to turn on these men and their party for racial politics is despicable. Powell turns out to be just another hot-house affirmative action orchid.
One good thing will come out of the democrat/obama use of the race hatred tactic: The epithet of "racist" has been depleted of credibility. It fuelled the lefwing hate machine for years, but exessive and inappropriate use has rendered it inert. Indeed the race card has now achieved a status comparable to the intenetr standard for the Hitler card: first person to use it automatically defaults, and loses the argument, whatever it is. Thanks again liberals, for your hateful self-defeating over-reach.
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