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I am a computer illiterate. Along with e-mail, what I am doing right here and now is the sum and substance of my understanding of the cyber world. Nonetheless, I have a reasonably good grip of human nature and thought processes. Good enough to recognize the inescapable conclusion that insofar as the development of AI is concerned, once some genius decides that inserting the ability to lie into the AI matrix, particularly the ability to do so in order to support an agenda, we will have seen the beginning of the very rapid end of human kind on planet earth. And all this time you thought The Terminator was just a nice little si fi story.
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The Problem With The Right Part 2

Robert58 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 8:40 AM
No personal affront intended Dempsey, but this is exactly the kind of thing Derek is addressing in this article. Though I do appreciate and agree with your thoughts on the matter the question remains, what the devil has this got to do with the subject at hand other than providing a shining example of exactly what Derek has pointed out that the right does with every subject. Representing irrelevant inconsequential minutia as part of a conversation or discussion is tantamount to aiming the gun at your own foot and squeezing off a couple of rounds. In other words... thanks for nothing.
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In The Government’s Crosshairs

Robert58 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 8:44 AM
Oops... too late to think of that in Maryland. You know Maryland? "The Free State?" They have already imposed a flush tax. Thanks again Democrats. We all feel much safer now.
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The Petulant President

Robert58 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 11:45 AM
As has often been said, "The most insidious power held by the media is the power to ignore."
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The Mainstream Media’s Pot Paranoia

Robert58 Wrote: May 06, 2014 7:13 AM
So what? Once again... It's MY business, not yours.
"Our president's extreme views on race, politics and wealth expose a fragile and fragmented psyche; a psyche that only Republicans have been too stupid to exploit." Thus the reason the Republicans are so artfully referred to as members in good standing of "The Stupid Party."
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De Blasio Is Full Of Blarney

Robert58 Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 12:03 PM
At the risk of seeming unsympathetic, wasn't this guy elected by the citizens of New York City? Did they not know that he is a lefty totalitarian communist? Of course they did. But, just as they did with Obama, they voted for him anyway. And now the rest of us are supposed to feel sorry for those being punished by the result of that election. Sorry New York. You did it to yourselves. As for those who did not vote for this monster yet find themselves saddled with his oppression, whining will get you nowhere with a guy like this. Vote with your feet. Take yourselves, your assets, your children and your desire for freedom to a state that wants and appreciates people of character and quality. Let those who wanted De Blasio keep him for themselves. They deserve him.
"We need so many more of those boldly making a case in a liberal-dominated media." Unfortunately, therein lies the problem for everyone, no matter which side of any issue one may come down upon. It is not possible to make a case for the opposition in a liberal dominated media. Not possible at all.
"There's 'Hatred' Behind Voter ID Laws" Dear low information moron... THAT'S A LIE!
"Reid: Obamacare Horror Stories are Just Ads Paid for By the Koch Brothers" THAT'S A LIE!
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5 Ways Socialism Destroys Societies

Robert58 Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 8:28 AM
This is a commentary worth passing on and I will do so with the understanding that before it goes out I will be correcting two glaring mistakes found in item #5. Fidel Castro is NOT in fact dead, and the "pigs" referred to were not found in Orwell's novel "1984," but in his novel "Animal Farm." It seems some proof reading would have been in order before publishing such an otherwise fine article. To let it go out as is makes all of us appear as uneducated ill informed fools. Giving the left this kind of ammunition is something we hardly need do, particularly when considering their propensity to denigrate and lie about everything whether correct or not.
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