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Barack Obama, Spin Master

Robert548 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 8:38 AM
Would you be speaking about Obama Bin Lying?
The same thing happened to a 12 year old girl in Butte Montana, but the burglar did NOT walk away from it alive. Little missy is a crack shot, and laid the bum to rest with one shotgun blast.
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Is Anyone Hellbound?

Robert548 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 9:59 AM
Do you believe in God? Kind of sounds like you don't.
It only takes the cost of a bullet to execute a person. Too many bad boys are NOT afraid to commit the ultimate crime in states that have a bleeding heart mentality.
I think they should "HANG HIM UNTIL PRONOUNCED DEAD", and let him swing for a day before checking for any signs of life.
I beleiive that ALL embassies be closed down in these countries that are under muslim control, and throw all of their so called ambassadors out of our country. Also, quit bringing these idiot muslims into our country. Already, Tyson foods has a majority of workers that are muslims, and they allow ramadan to be a holiday for them. Would you eat their chicken? I can just imagine all of the spit on them.
This is almost as good as Obammy's teleprompter being stolen. It coudn't have happened to a nicer couple. Laughing my rear off!!!!
Hey dude, I think patrick henry was trying to enlighten folks as to what freedoms they are being robbed of by the present administration.
Do you belong to the new socialist party, as your comrade Obama?
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