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is that a trick question John?
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Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

Robert493 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 3:46 AM
I believe if it came down to a man to man fight between Obama and Putin, Putin would mop the floor with Obama..
your talking about the bay area as compared to a whole state. the Sacramento area flat out sucks, no jobs and companies are leaving.
the Tebow Highlights were a whole hell better than the Super Bowl tonight. thanks John..
so far nothing is being said about west coast drought other than a high pressure system is sitting on it.. Still the Genius Governor Brown wants to suck more water away from a drought stricken area, just to feed L.A. maybe this is why it is not called Global Warming.
John adjust your margines and justifications.. script is wrong unless you been toking, then the liberals would understand and be on your side.
John's going to catch hell for this..I can hear it now, your full of it, you dont know what you are talking about, you got your facts wrong and the name calling.
Obama got his Prize because he was the first black (hate to use the word, President)!
if fast food has to pay $15 an hour, the employer can set a standard of hiring requirements.. college degrees or culinary cerified only, AA and above with a business or culinary majors.. there are chefs looking for work and the best some can get are $10 an hour, guess where they will apply, Burger King, McDougals, KFC and they dont have to worry about menu changes.. they also get a great retirement plan, social security, great medical plan, Obamacare...then the woman whom wants to get paid more so she can take more time off wont have a job.
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Why December 25th?

Robert493 Wrote: Dec 26, 2013 6:55 PM
Religion is bunk, it conradicts itself...
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