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A Policy So Bizarre, So Obama

Robert493 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 5:17 AM
Obama pisses off the wrong people, he will end up like JFK..
I remember that also, saves the trees they say. the same morons in Califoreignia preaching how it will save the trees are now saying it is polluting our environment. now to outlaw plastic bags and charge us for using the paper ones, which the price is included in the products to begin with.
a great scientist told me once, when I married his daughter. everything is biodegradable, its a matter of time and the environment it is in... majority of the plastic and debris floating in the oceans come from typhoons, hurricanes and severe storms blowing over Islands and coastal cities.
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It’s Real: GlobalChange.Gov

Robert493 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 4:42 AM
I hope this helps and explains the cycles for the Califoreignia drought and global warming... http://sierrafoothillcommentary.com/2014/01/21/climate-cycles-and-california-droughts/
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Yes It’s Real: GlobalChange.Gov

Robert493 Wrote: May 08, 2014 4:48 AM
I cant figure out why the island of Tegua is ignored.. its the only island that is flooded by global warming and 100 people have evacuated.. only, to find out its sinking not flooding.
is that a trick question John?
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Putin, Not Obama, is the Messiah

Robert493 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 3:46 AM
I believe if it came down to a man to man fight between Obama and Putin, Putin would mop the floor with Obama..
your talking about the bay area as compared to a whole state. the Sacramento area flat out sucks, no jobs and companies are leaving.
the Tebow Highlights were a whole hell better than the Super Bowl tonight. thanks John..
so far nothing is being said about west coast drought other than a high pressure system is sitting on it.. Still the Genius Governor Brown wants to suck more water away from a drought stricken area, just to feed L.A. maybe this is why it is not called Global Warming.
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