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If the tax rates for "married filing jointly" is 39.6% why did the residents of Pennsylvania Ave pay 20.4% on $481,098.00.
There needs to be a FOR SALE sigh on all of the 495. And not the 495 in Long Island, N.Y.
Should be a FOR SALE sign on the 495.
The Revelation of St John the Divine? Sounds like it.
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Going On a Drone Hunt

Robert437 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 7:18 AM
Two more years.
Let's see. Masterminds of Sept 11. So what.
You over pay taxes, you get a so called refund, The next year you pay a tax on the refund as an income. Aholes that get giddy when they receive refunds don't understand that you get zero interest.
O will never be impeached. Because Joe will have the pen & paper. That is scary. And no one, especially the gutless GOP, will want to be the ones to impeach our "second" black president.
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The New Inquisition

Robert437 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 7:36 AM
Rent or see the movie Demolition Man. Is that where we're heading.
As the press corps knows, you never, ever question a liberal.
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