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Making Life Fair

Robert42Vet Wrote: May 18, 2012 7:14 AM
Someone should tell the site designer they screwed up. The auto refresh of this site is horrid. If you're going to auto refresh at least be professional enough to cache any text in an open diag box so that it can be placed back in that open diag box after the refresh hop, Also cashe a focus position marker so the reader is always returned to the spot they were reading after the hop. /rant off

When my wife was a liberal, she complained that libertarian reasoning is coldhearted. Since markets produce winners and losers -- and many losers did nothing wrong -- market competition is cruel. It must seem so. President Obama used the word "fair" in his last State of the Union address nine times.

We are imprinted to prefer a world that is "fair." Our close relatives the chimpanzees freak out when one chimp gets more than his fair share, so zookeepers are careful about food portions. Chimps are hardwired to get angry when they think they've been cheated -- and so...