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Part 2. It is not as the author implies that stories are inherently evil; it is that stories may be used to accomplish evil intentions. Hitler's great story, one 19th century Europeans could recite by heart, is that Jews are terrible people who for a number of fantastically absurd reasons should not be tolerated in polite Aran society. Hitler told stories, his book Mein Kamph, is a good example in which he sought a climax and denouement, a "final solution" and a new story in what he referred to as the "Thousand Year Reich." Whether for good or evil, everything but everything is a story. Robert
Everything is a story. Some are truthful,others lies; some are based on the laws of cause and effect and others on passionate ideas, utopian ideals and noble dreams realistic and impossible. Whatever may be the message the story is still greatest means of spreading it around. The bible is one long line of elegant stories which addresses in parable and poetry stories directed to the condemnation of evil and praise of good, to an understanding of life and death, to the human beings fear of extinction and hope for transcendence of death.
I will die a happy man if Biden dies before this moron becomes president.
The gang of eight, the president and most of Congress are traitors to the constitution an their oath to faithfully execute the laws. Look for Orwellian "Double Speak" a language in which Big Brother made words profoundly meaningless. What fact for example could possibly be gleaned from the trillion time repeated slogan "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" or worse; our "immigration system is broken." The words is empty double speak, a metaphor inapplicable to the immigration system. The truth is this. "We the leaders of this country have passed laws which if enforced would end the immigration outrage. No one for example should be granted living space and-- welfare who entered the U.S. on a forged social security card. Those who do not qualify as citizens should be deported." Thus the "Rule of Law" and constitutional government are in harmony. "However, we have breached our oath of office and defied the Constitution. When we were obliged by our oath to deport illegal aliens, we did nothing for forty years or more. As immigration increased we buried our heads in the sand. When it began to contribute to crime, bankrupting of states and massive welfare, we simply lied to the American people about the treason we had committed and and addressed the issue with the psychotic absurdity that "We are all a nation of immigrants. If you think the gang of eight will put in a fix then we know certainly that we will remain in power based on our deep faith that the average American is a moral and intellectual cretin." Thank you. Congress, Republican and Democrats.
The real traitors, after the Gang of Eight and other spineless Republicans are though stupid enough to vote in the next election. It is too late now for a corrupt Republican party, practically speaking indistinguishable from democrats, to suggest that we vote for the lesser of two evils. I have voted Republican-- for the lesser of two evils-- and was requited for my vote with deeper and more repugnant expressions of Republican evil. This time I will not vote and screw the cretins who would call me traiter.
The Gang of Eight so called are traitors to the country and psychotics who cannot comprehend that in the granting of mass amnesty they are cutting their own political throats. They speak in the language of Orwellian corruption. All that they utter are cynical lies.
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