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Just start putting a them in jail, that will let them know who's boss.
You have to give msnbc credit, their bias and stupid. Every time they get John on their little network, they get their clock cleaned. You think they would learn by now.
Holder better take the fifth and then drink a fifth of Jack. Issa is relentless. Good job Darrel Issa.
Is Matthews saying they should focus on the girly men vote? Most women are more masculine that their current candidate. So maybe he should focus just on the confused women.
Is Mr. Obama raising hand to ask if he can speak? Looks like Obama is so convinced Romney is such a threat he could be convinced to vote for Mitt.
Wasserman/ and Obama providing economic failure and GOP is rooting for it? so were on the same side. How could the Dnc be lead by such a dim wit?
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