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Drunks with Guns: You Loot, We Shoot

Robert375 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 9:03 AM
Loyal democRAT: The poor looters ! I hope they are enjoying the things that are "rightfully theirs" like the fur coats, liquor, guns, TV sets, tennis shoes, and all the rest of the goods that were stolen by the "poor people" who must steal to live. You are spouting pure unadultrated Bullsh*t. No one is entitled to take another man's goods or money by force or stealth. Those people are no more than opportunistic criminals. "You Loot - We Shoot" is a great slogan and should be put in practice everywhere.

After riots swept parts of the United Kingdom last year, I wrote about the moral argument for gun ownership. Simply stated, it is wrong to disarm law-abiding people, particularly when there is a risk of societal breakdown.

The same argument is equally applicable in the areas ravaged by the recent storm to hit the northeastern United States. As you can see from this report in the New York Post, the government is failing in its responsibility to provide law and order.