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Not meant to offend, but truthfully I haven't seen any democRAT anywhere with any ideas that didn't come straight from Obama o0r Reid. Pitiful bunch ! Mostly entrenched kooks and crooks and all of them loyal to the party. All worse than McCain.
Walker stopped the criminal business of having the state collect, for free, forced union dues, illegal "no bid' buys of insurance that benefited only union bosses, and wound up with both a state and an education surplus. What has this woman done besides promise a return to the ways that were breaking the state ? He survived two attacks on his governorship. He was aided by honest Wisconsin voters even though Union Goons threatened voters and bussed in legally questionable voters from out of state. He is a modern hero and should be reelected as governor or elected as president of the U.S.
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Hillary's Empathy Problem

Robert375 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 9:19 AM
dHilarious learned a major amount about empathy from her husband. He was very good at "feeling your pain". As long as you kept it in your bra. Come to think of it, that may be the case with dHilarious too.
I am sick to death of the arrogant, law ignoring, selective enforcing, lying racist Holder. There is no reason for him to remain in office except for Obama's need for his obfuscating and lying. He will be one of the first criminals pardoned by our SLITWH * as he thankfully leaves office. With his special treatment reserved for Black crooks, I see little chance of a lawful action against him. * Serial Liar In The White House
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Poll: Cotton Trails by 10 in AR?

Robert375 Wrote: Apr 24, 2014 12:11 PM
Does anyone think there is possibly just a little electioneering in these poll results ? I mean, they were honest polls taken and tabulated honestly in the lobby of the democRAT Committee.
I correctly predicted DeBlasio would win. The people of NYC have always voted in the worst possible choice for Mayor, Senator, and Representative. Ever since the administration of the hot crotched Giuliani, who wasn't a bad Mayor otherwise, they chose the pipsqueak, munchkin, egotist Bloomberg, and nowthe big"whatizit" DeBlasio.
I wonder how many hours it took the NPS to clean it up again after the protest. How much did that labor cost us ? Too bad there aren't pictures of the drink bottles, chicken bones and dirty disposable diapers like there were of the throngs seavings at Obama's immaculation.
His name is "Grayson"? Did his momma hate him when he was born or did she think immediately that he would be a fey movie star in porno films ?
She is paid handsomely for peppering blogs like this one with bait messages to lure people to pay to enroll into scam "Be Your Own Boss" and " Become wealthy working at homes in your underwear (or not)" ads under a variety of names. Ads like "My bet friends momma's lawn man's barber's ex wife's cousin's Err-UM earns 50.37 per hour working on the Internet whiles practicing on her Glockenspeil and gormet cooking Alligator tails.
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Obama Cuts Foreign Aid to Egypt

Robert375 Wrote: Oct 11, 2013 1:15 PM
I'm glad you said"Your president". Just like the twister and spinner he is, he's atempting to credit himself with cuttion our foreign aid when he is still aiding the radical, murderous muslims by not passing the aid to the people supported, non-theocratic. freedom allowing government in place Egypt now. Obama has patted his own back so much it's probably affecting his golf swing. Aint no way the lying little muslim is "MY President !.
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