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What Ron Paul Gets Wrong

robert3539 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 10:11 AM
Although not advocating a violent revolution, I am afraid that a growing number of Americans (including me) have lost faith in the integrity of our voting system. A democratic republic cannot exist with third world mentality thugs running a lawless system. It will inevitably lead to violence. Our elected officials (part of the problem) do not seem to be concerned. It is one thing to attempt to win within the law. The progressive concept of "by any means necessary" is leading to the downfall of the country.

Congressman Ron Paul has just delivered his valedictory address in the House of Representatives. And he has told TV interviewers that the American Revolution was a wonderful example of secession. He's a much better OB/GYN, I'm sure, than he is a student of America's history. He could be cited for political malpractice.

If the Founding Fathers and the Patriots who fought and won the Revolution were seceding, why is it that none of them ever called it secession? They certainly had the word back then. They invoked the well-known right of revolution. They had read their John Locke and their Montesquieu,...