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Romney Has Done Enough for the GOP

robert3539 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 9:34 AM
"For 2016, think Dr. Ben Carson. "...Nice guy, but no thank you. According to him, he does not even want the job.
He is attempting to exploit it to the tune of 3.7 billion dollars...most of which, I am sure, will go to cronies and his share will laundered.
I look for some political organization to buy up her books (perhaps the Clinton Foundation) and to declare it a best seller. Her idiot base will eat it up.
I am not arguing with anything, if you have read both of my comments. And I don't need anyone to show me the forest, thank you. I see it just fine.
How about a concept I have seen written about many times?: For every new law passed, two must be repealed.
" He said “I Won.” " Pardon me for pointing this out, but the Republicans also "won" their seats in an election. They are doing exactly what they were elected to do...put the brakes on obama's Marxist agenda.
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The Cramdown Artists

robert3539 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 9:54 AM
"And based, we might ask, on what? On one man's moral understanding (or that of his backers)? " Please allow me to correct this..."(or that of his puppet masters)."
"As a constitutional law professor"...Please stop it. He was no such thing.
Partial apology, I realize you indicate otherwise in the sentence following, but why use these meaningless numbers at all?
"It also resides in black unemployment, which is almost 11 percent. Compare that to 5.3 percent unemployment in white communities, 5.1 percent in Asian communities and 7.8 percent in Hispanic communities." Mr. Ransom, I am shocked that you seemingly accept these bogus government figures which many know are derived using fraudulent methodology.
If we had a responsible, ethical, truthful news media, they would not even try this nonsense.
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