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New American Food-Stamp Plantation is a SNAP

Robert341 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 12:05 PM
I was in Walgreens. I’m 66, on oxygen for pulmonary fibrosis, an eventually-terminal illness that kills as many as breast cancer, but still working and buying my own food. A young, fit, healthy-looking 20-something in front of me tried to buy two high-priced energy sports drinks with his food stamps card. When it didn’t work, he paid with a $100 bill. After he left, the cashier, in her 40s, slightly over-weight, looking tired from standing on her feet at a low-pay job all day, looked at me and said, ‘Our money.” 2 words said it all. Robert A. Hall Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic All royalties go to help wounded veterans For a free PDF of my book, write tartanmarine(at)
Rylan76 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 4:18 PM
Lulz @ "Our money" If she really was a low paid clerk, she doesn't pay taxes. Remember, less than 50% of Americans actually pay taxes? It's kind of hilarious to read all the self-righteous "hard working" on this board. Many hard workers, who make less than x amount of dollars per year, DO NOT PAY TAXES. So no one's stealing your money. Look, conservatism is not ONLY about advocating that we be hard workers. Sometimes people actually and legitimately need help. Capitalism is a great system, but no system is perfect. Conservatism is the fight against GOVERNMENT providing that aid, not the people who need it. The private sector should be the main source of help to the truly needy. This is the conservative argument.
hagbardceline Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 11:00 PM
My knowledge of the facts is that less than 50% of Americans pay income taxes, but many more pay significant payroll taxes.
lemmi Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 2:18 PM
God bless you Robert
I wish every food stamp freak would read your post.
tibby2 Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 2:23 PM
The food stamp freaks would not understand.
hagbardceline Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 10:34 PM
What is a food stamp freak?

The House Agriculture Committee has reported out its version of a new farm bill that will cut $16.5 billion over 10 years from funding of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), once known as food stamps.

The cuts in the House bill exceed those in the Senate bill by $12 billion.

Sixteen-and-a-half billion dollars over a decade amount to a whopping 2 percent cut in SNAP program expenditures, which last year alone came to $78 billion. At a time when we are running trillion-dollar annual federal budget deficits, it's hard to see a 2 percent cut in any large spending program as...