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Happiest man on the planet.... Jimmy Carter!
Considering what he is... He will use his authority to FIND you and HURT you. IMHO.
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The War On Uber Comes to Massachusetts

Robert3086 Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 1:35 PM
As an Uber and Lyft driver, It is my opinion that this person is ill-informed about the process. #1 The late model cars we drive are clean inside and out. #2 Drivers can work when they want to... as much or as little. #3 The driver and the rider are engaging in a person to person arrangement facilitated by a third party's software. #4 Tips are not required but if the rider wants to tip in cash thats just fine. #5 Drivers know the costs of using the service beforehand and agree to it, If they don't like it they can quit at any time. #6 Riders can rate their driver after each ride. Bad, discourteous, reckless or smelly drivers can have the software disabled if they do not meet high standards. and lastly #7 Being partially disabled, this the one thing I can do to make some extra money doing something I do well and enjoy doing.
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The Paranoids are Back

Robert3086 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 2:16 PM
A common core of standards of learning is a great idea. I do not trust the people in the Federal Govt who will be responsible for establishing those standards.
Tranquilizer darts! Two or three ought to do the trick...
Sounds like early onset dementia to me!
Chris Plante ripped Millbank a new one on his syndicated radio program this morning. Millbank should never have written such a fabricated story when the guy who moderated the panel also has a full recording of the event.
Gotta make sure everybody is telling the same lies verbatim.
Obama has overturned 40 years of policy by negotiating with a terrorist group. And on top of that a 5 for 1 swap for a deserter?? I was and always will be the WRONG decision
Sort of... They found out that the Free stuff isn't free!
Duh! Eastern Kentucky is a huge coal production area. Lots of UMWA members gonna be hurt by the EPA rules.
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