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That's why libs don't mind Islam. They would rather wrap up all those ugly women in burkas.
OK! Why does the Obama admin pay women in the WH less than men and why are their pay raises less than mens ?? Hmmmm?
An abortion is a sacrement in the Liberal's religion.
Ok! You have stated the talking points... now please explain how employed women will die because their employer will not pay for their birth control pills which can be purchased OTC for $9.00. BTW Women are already dying because Obamacare has made necessary insurance too expensive, but to you they don't count!
Young Twenty-somethings etc love this service. They don't like the idea of getting into a cab that may be filthy or just plain uncomfortable ( cabbies are notorious of keeping the AC off to save on fuel costs. Uber and Lyft demand clean late model autos and drivers who look to give top notch service. No Cash changes hands, the software handles the transaction. If there are multiple riders the App even lets them split the fare. The majority of single riders are female because they know who is going to pick them up and that they have been checked out. The cabs don't like it because it hold them to a higher standard of service,
The "Rome" he refers to was ensconced in Constantinople i.e. the Roman Empire. It is now the city of Istanbul in Turkey. This dude is still living in the 12th century.
Happiest man on the planet.... Jimmy Carter!
Considering what he is... He will use his authority to FIND you and HURT you. IMHO.
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The War On Uber Comes to Massachusetts

Robert3086 Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 1:35 PM
As an Uber and Lyft driver, It is my opinion that this person is ill-informed about the process. #1 The late model cars we drive are clean inside and out. #2 Drivers can work when they want to... as much or as little. #3 The driver and the rider are engaging in a person to person arrangement facilitated by a third party's software. #4 Tips are not required but if the rider wants to tip in cash thats just fine. #5 Drivers know the costs of using the service beforehand and agree to it, If they don't like it they can quit at any time. #6 Riders can rate their driver after each ride. Bad, discourteous, reckless or smelly drivers can have the software disabled if they do not meet high standards. and lastly #7 Being partially disabled, this the one thing I can do to make some extra money doing something I do well and enjoy doing.
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