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Obama Suffers a Painful Loss in the First Big Fiscal Battle of His Second Term

ROBERT3033 Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 10:06 AM
Better to start cutting the rate of growth (planned spending) now and get used to the reality that soon we will have to cut actual spending. It is coming and we should do it ourselves rather than following the demo plan which is to let our kids do it. The grown ups today are communicating via their denial and avoidance of the problem, "We'll just let our kids do it when they grow up". Kids don't vote so, no problem.

The statist agenda of ever-growing government requires more money going to Washington, which is why I think that proponents of limited government should do everything they can to block tax increases.

This is the “starve the beast” theory, and I’ve previously explained why I think it is a necessary part of any long-run strategy to restrain the burden of government spending.

He would never admit it, but Obama seems to agree, which is why he is dogmatically fixated on doing...

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