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Grimes To Paul: I'll See You In Court

Robert 2766 Wrote: Dec 19, 2014 9:14 AM
If Sen. Paul wants to be our president perhaps he needs to read up on the what the rule of law really means. After all, I have heard him use that phrase a few times. I hope he really believes it. Otherwise, please be quiet and go away.
We all live in a very sad, hateful world. Where has our humanity gone?
Worthless refunds issued from a bankrupt account, printed on worthless paper, issued by worthless people who have no regard for anyone or anything save their ideology. What a load of garbage. Merry "F-ing" Christmas
Freedom? What is that? I was born in 1941, 9 years after the architect of our future demise became president. Yes, I blame, in part, that most revered and beloved president, FDR for starting down this road of self-destruction. But before I continue, I also have to include the likes of Wood Wilson and Richard Nixon as also being complicit in this rape of America. Today, we see the handiwork of FDR (New Deal), LBJ (Great Society), Jimmy Carter (hostages in Iran and 18% mortgages), Bill Clinton (impeachment and Monika) and finally, Barack Obama (Obamacare and everything else). These people should be declared enemies of freedom and should not have a place of honor in our history, so far. I am beginning to despise each and every one of these men for what they have done to this country. I can't believe I have lived so long as to have to say this. I feel great shame and loathing for these men and fear for our future.
I didn't bother to read this article about Jeb. All I want to say is enough already with Bushs, Clintons, and the rest of those people who have brought our country to its perilous place in our history. We are literally destroying ourselves. Not sure why. Oh, yes, perhaps it has something to do with greed and personal aggrandizement of our politicians. Our politicians are known by the company they keep.
I don't know why we continue to allow ourselves to put up with these kinds of people. I will assume the election was conducted "fair" and "square." Okay, that being said, everybody shakes hands and goes home. End of story. Nancy Pelosi keeps reminding us of the evil that can exist in a person's maladjusted mind when they lose what they believe is rightfully theirs.Nancy needs to concentrate on her district and leave the rest of us alone. Please!
How does one begin to relay the feeling I have for our totally venal congress? These men and women, some of whom wear an American Flag in their lapel, treat us as chattel and perhaps even worse. I say to every American soldier and Airmen leave the service at the end of your enlistment. Make congress re-institute the draft and then we will have an army of slaves which is what they want. I am sick and tired of this betrayal. A former AF MSgt
In my imaginary world, the U.S. is governed by honest people and Marshal Dillon walks the streets. His mission is to shoot and kill every dishonest and evil slime ball that threatens the peace of the town or its citizens. I honestly don't understand why anyone who violently breaks the law and deprive others of the same right to life the slime ball does should be allowed to continue breathing one minute past the moment in which they have snuffed out the life of another human being minding his own business as was this individual. Sorry for the long sentence. But I am getting more and more angrier about what's happening in America. Certainly, there is someone who sees this and will fix it. I pray for this every day.
I am glad this young man was able to escape unhurt from this episode and teachable moment. The memory of his traumatic moment will no doubt live with him for quite a while. The teachable moment seems to have come and went with no apparent impact on the boy's psyche. Too bad. Next time he might not be so lucky.As for his naive statement, he doesn't seem to grasp what happened to him. He thinks it is okay for muggers to take liberties with the likes of his "class." If he continues to think that way, he will be run over and abused by a lot of people before his days are finished. Believe it!
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Opinions Versus Facts

Robert 2766 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 9:36 AM
My statement to those rioters, politicians and looters who have helped destroy Ferguson, MO: You will be known by the company you keep. And you will reap what you sow.
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