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Anybody heard from Gov. Christie, yet? What's his take on this?
My analogy may be imperfect but here it is anyway. No where in the animal kingdom will you find abnormal, antisocial behavior tolerated by any species of socially active animals. A clear cohesion being necessary for survival, abnormally acting members of an animal society, be it monkeys or lions, etc., will be either killed outright or exiled from the larger tribe structure. In the long-term, the same will eventually apply to Dunham and her ilk.
In my ideal world, which may anger some, the USA would stop all foreign aid to anyone who permits wholesale relocation of their citizens to another country. It is time to force a lot of our so-called allies from sucking us dry while also being obliged to care for their migrant citizens. Send them back to fix their own countries and leave us alone.
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Here Comes the 'Abortion Comedy'

Robert 2766 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 8:53 AM
Several hundred years ago, William Shakespeare coined the phrase "a rose by any other name is still just as sweet." Abortion by any other name is still murder.
Pro-abortion fanatics are just trying to keep more Conservatives from being born.These same fanatics will no doubt support any future euthanasia law for the same reason. I stand by my earlier conviction that executions should be public, not private out of respect for the condemned man/woman's family. The logic of protecting their privacy loses its value when compared to the victim's family suffering at the hands of the killer.
I am sure the horses and their owners are happy about this recent turn of events but how about we talk about this bozo the clown mayor's income tax filing? I briefly saw a news article that announced he filed his taxes at a rate of 8%! Yes, 8%. How is this possible? How can it be fair for him to file this kind of tax while a lot of Americans, including myself, are paying 20% or more? Please explain, if you can, the justice of this.
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Robert 2766 Wrote: Apr 06, 2014 10:37 AM
I got a feeling you wouldn't know what love is if it smacked you in your face. I also have a feeling you couldn't define love any better than knowing what it is. You sound like a fool for saying love is love. Okay, smart person. Tell me what love is. And please, don't tell me it is just a feeling. That is stupid on its face.
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Obama Must Go

Robert 2766 Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 8:29 PM
So, would you agree then that the only solution that might work in the short term is to suspend the vote for people who do not have to pay taxes because they are on welfare or some other form of public assistance? Why, because I think honest taxpayers, by and large, are more responsible toward fiscal policy and economic issues and they pay more attention to what is being done in Washington, DC! What do you think of this plan as a start?
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Why Obama Wants America to Fail

Robert 2766 Wrote: Oct 05, 2013 12:33 PM
Hey, get back to me when your welfare checks start bouncing. I would be interested in hearing how you feel about it. Probably more tripe, right?
Why is everyone getting so agitated by these "death panels" anyway? A lot of people have been talking about this sort of thing since it "Obamacare" was signed by the president in 2009. Yet, despite all this, Barack Obama was re-elected by about 53% of us who cared to vote. I have to ask why is everybody so concerned about putting people to death before God's time? We have had plenty of warning this would be coming if we re-elected this guy and we did! This is just part of what a socialist state will bring. The callousness, the indifference to your suffering. your loss of freedom. Come on, just whining, you wanted this and now you have it. Enjoy!!!
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