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rhinegarten: In Churchill County, Nevada, our sheriff Ben Trotter has written that he will NOT enforce laws he considers unconstitutional. We are fortunate to hve this quiet-spoken determined man in this leadership position.
rhinegarten: the source of the problem lies within the confines of the District of Criminals. Those 535 politicians are ruining the Constitutional Way of Life that our forefathers gave blood so we could live in a free society.
LoneGunman: That is the problem with you, trying to actually solve the problem rather than as the politicians in every state and in the district of Criminals do, dance around the real issue and pass "feel-good legislation." Criminals are the ones that should be targeted, not law abiding citizens. As we both know, "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!" Far be it from you or me to try and solve the ACTUAL problem of criminals having guns. Target the criminals and those associated with them, gang-bangers and such and they might be actually doing something. Then there would be an oxymoron, a politician actually doing something.
Bernard83: Well said, I think I think I think, therefore I Am. Is that true?
BSsifter: That $22K is really $50 K.
smileynh: Come on, now, remember, Stupid is as Stupid does. Who cares if the company loooooses $50K for every yellow (lemon) canary they build. They have a bottomless pit of OUR money thanks to NoBama from Kenya.
Only if the Death Squads don't get to him first.
BUT, they only cost the taxpayer (BUYER) a measly $45K, Such a deal I have for you, Ha Ha Ha Ha
Is the UNION finally figuring out that the real name is Government Motors? And they want out? Toooooo bad, UNIONs you made your bed, now try and sleep on the spikes.
himterry: that is one of the planks Mitt put forth. Be energy independent by 2020. Go Mitt!!!!!
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