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Who is the bigger liar, Bill or Obozo? Both their feet don't match, and the truth is not in them. Bill is a more convincing liar, but Obozo is a very good study.
Politics makes strange bedfellows. It used to be against the law to unionize the Federal Government.
God does work in mysterious ways. He may be trying to tell us something.
Obama Must Go! Can the American public really be this uncaring, un-informed ?
What is common sense? Isn't that old fashioned? Haven't heard that phrase in a long time, much less seen its use. Common sense is not all inclusive and modern.
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The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine

Robert2514 Wrote: May 10, 2013 7:12 AM
Don't mess with the illegals, it dilutes the Dems voting base. Paid voters make good sense to liberal,career politicians. Not only do we pay them to vote but also give them preferred status. What part of illegal don't these people understand?
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Words That Replace Thought

Robert2514 Wrote: May 08, 2013 9:17 AM
Well stated and generally acceptable. Thanks for choosing words that aptly describe the situation we are in at this time. Common sense is another lost word or phrase that has not been used lately. Today reminds me of a time when children played "let's pretend". Pretend that is the truth whether it is or not.
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Immigration Sophistry

Robert2514 Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 3:24 PM
Are we just supposed to think they are not here for a reason? Such as free medical, free social security, etc. No wonder we are economically in bad shape. A whole lot of takers and not enough putter inners.
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Fact-Free Crusades

Robert2514 Wrote: Apr 16, 2013 7:31 AM
Gun control by the Government also makes it easier for a take over of our liberties and controlling those who are against more and restrictive government. Take away our guns and make reducing and taking away our liberties more easily accessible. I guess that the next big push will be to ban bombs since the Boston Marathon incident.
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Occupy and Redistribute D.C

Robert2514 Wrote: Apr 13, 2013 12:00 PM
There is nothing coming in the door in the way of monetary returns. Fewer taxpayers and less jobs means a decrease in revenue. We have milked the system dry and have nothing on line to replace what we lost. Job creation is nil and we are looking at older folks retiring and no jobs to help replace what they will be using and payed for in SS.
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