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Progressive Teacher Pustule: Pay Your School Taxes and Shut Up

Robert22 Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 5:45 PM
It would be helpful if there were examples of what this educator thought he/she had to undo in the minds of the students. Is it an attitude of disregard for authority which some liberal parents do teach their kids? Or could it be a disregard for American values that the teacher thinks needs to be undone? Probably neither since that is what the teacher tries to teach anyway. I suspect, like one of my sons teachers, that the "educator" in question dislikes any student with different views than their own. I finally had to go to my sons school after hearing his history instructor had lamented that " parents had to much influence on the way their children think" That from a history teacher who forgot 1930s Germany I guess. and I continuously poke the belly of the education beast to see what kinds of pustules pop, and it never ceases to amaze us the types of low-lifes involved in our education system.

There are many great teachers – we work with a lot of them every day. But there are also a lot of people who don’t deserve the honor of teaching our children.

Whether it’s union-defended “pervy” teachers getting a slap on the wrist for very serious offenses, teachers doctoring student test scores for their own gain, or teachers union officials involved...