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It's non of your business what value systems parents teach their kids. Your only obligation is to see that children behave in school and to make sure they respecct the efforts of those that are there to learn. Also, you use the word tolerance but I think you really want everyone to ADOPT your value system. You overstep your bounds here. I tolerate many peoples beliefs. I'll even break bread with them. When they cross the line and cease to respect my values the game is up. To much crap is taught in schools under the banner of tolerance and our kids still remain undereducated because of it. If a child is racist his observable behavior is your only concern. Not what motivates it. Teach what our kids can turn into productive futures.
Who said anything about regulating anything. It's you that sounds like you want to regulate how kids think actually. There are far to many teachers like you who think they no what's best for everyone's kids just because you earned some degree from some college that is diverse only in appearance but narrow minded in thought.
You are just wrong, TFT, asserting that Christians worship wealth. We appreciate the concept of freedom to be the best we can be and to reap the rewards of our own labor. Go ahead TFT and flag all posts you have no real honest response to.
So I guess what you are saying is that if students disagree with you it must be from ignorance. It couldn't possibly be from anything else I guess. Your views are different from mine but I would never be so smug or arrogant to suggest you must be ignorant. That accusation is the refuge of those who are truly the intolerant ones.
Wrong. Christians do not worship wealth. They promote the idea that people should have the freedom to fulfill their potential.
I was responding to TFT. I'm totally on board with what you are saying.
That's right...turn the table. Good try. Yeah I pay you to teach them. Not indoctrinate. What kind of teaching do you do better as a teacher than I as a parent? Two different things here. If it's reading, writing and arithmetic be my guest but teachers overstep when they forget to teach kids HOW to think and start teaching them WHAT to think which is what to many of you do. I'll take care of my childs values...not the state. Remember 1930s Germany? They thought the state was better equipped to teach children what to think also. You do not belong in a classroom if you think you are better equipped for that task than a parent. None of your business.
It would be helpful if there were examples of what this educator thought he/she had to undo in the minds of the students. Is it an attitude of disregard for authority which some liberal parents do teach their kids? Or could it be a disregard for American values that the teacher thinks needs to be undone? Probably neither since that is what the teacher tries to teach anyway. I suspect, like one of my sons teachers, that the "educator" in question dislikes any student with different views than their own. I finally had to go to my sons school after hearing his history instructor had lamented that " parents had to much influence on the way their children think" That from a history teacher who forgot 1930s Germany I guess.
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