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What's Wrong with the GOP?

Robert2086 Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 10:54 AM
What is wrong with the Republican Party is what has always been wrong with the Republican Party, even when they were Federalists, National Republicans, and Whigs. They are the weak party in a two-party system of political corruption. The thing that makes the Democratic Party the strong party is a Supreme Court decision made in 1803, Marbury v. Madison, which made the judicial branch of government stronger with regard to legislation than Congress. Marbury v. Madison gave the Supreme Court the power to impose slavery on the United States right up until the Confederate army started firing on Ft. Sumter. The Civil War gave Lincoln the opportunity to re-assert the power of the executive and legislative branches, one time in 200 years.
goldilocks Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 2:09 PM
The Republican Party dominated from 1860-1912 and from1968-2008

Here is the biggest problem with the news coverage of the Fiscal Cliff. The only message coming through was President Obama's message: that he was trying to save the middle class from a tax increase by raising taxes on the rich. On the Republican side, the message was…well…it was a muddled mess.

Republicans seem to have great difficulty reminding people that the George W. Bush tax cuts are the reason middle income families have not been paying about $2,000 more in taxes every year. The agreement President Obama just made with Congress saves about 80% of those tax cuts. It saves...