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Shut Up, He Explained

Robert 206 Wrote: Apr 17, 2013 8:17 AM
Your last paragraph sums up our situation brilliantly! The Democrat Party doesn't really care if the blacks and Hispanics don't improve their lives and standards of living. As long as they vote the Democrat line the Party will go on sending the goodies to their "serfs." The immigration flood will just add more fuel to the fire that will destroy our once proud nation. Beginning tomorrow we should put an absolute limit on the number of immigrants admitted yearly from Central and South America! They don't add to our wealth but to our burden!

There was something familiar, eerily familiar, about the stories that a reporter named Robert Huber recounted in his piece for Philadelphia magazine called "Being White in Philly." They were largely stories from white folks who lived in or near largely black neighborhoods and didn't feel free to speak their minds lest their neighbors accuse them of being racist.

These folks found it more prudent to keep their views to themselves, even if that meant not addressing problems that badly needed addressing. Because to express them might be asking for trouble.

What was so familiar about their stories? Just reverse their...

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