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Boom: "The Obama Sequester"

Robert 206 Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 3:09 PM
I hate to say it but doesn't Obama fit the stereotype that some have of some African Americans? Can't do the job so blame everyone else, especially the Republicans. I get the impression he is really a lazy man. He had nothing to do about the aftermath of the Benghazi slaughter and wasn't involved in the sequestation bill, which he now blames on Republicans. The best thing you can say about him is: He's a Chicago politician, no more, no less! Unfortunately, he will never be put behind bars like many of Chicago's politicians..
Becca in TX Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 3:14 PM
Never say never.....he's completely incompetent, but after all, he'd never had a real job so what did we expect. It's not like he'd ever run anything-even a small department in a big company. The morons in this country looked at a nearly blank resume and hired him to run the biggest company in the world. It would be unrealistic to think he was capable of doing the job. Couple that with his narcissistic personality and humongous ego and you get someone who thinks they're wonderful, no matter how hopelessly inept they actually are.

The Republican National Committee has President Obama dead to rights on his breathtaking hypocrisy and demagoguery regarding the impending automatic "sequestration" cuts that he's now trying to attribute to the GOP.  This video doesn't break any new ground on substance, but its stark juxtaposition of Obama's 2011 veto threat and this week's attempt at blame shift is absolutely damning:

RNC Chairman Reince...