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Inside Team Romney's Plans To Win

Robert 206 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 9:45 AM
Yes, we assumed that in order for Romney to accomplish the great feats he did in the business world he could talk the talk as well as walk the walk. I think Romney is just flabbergasted that this guy can get away with the things he does and doesn't do! A man of his stature in the business world has got be downright puzzled how this guy ever got elected. Mitt doesn't understand that you're not dealing with rationality in the political world: You're dealing with emotions!

BOSTON, Mass. – Behind the façade of a nondescript building in Beantown’s north end, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign headquarters is buzzing with activity. Campaign placards, detailed maps of swing state media markets, and other flair adorn the walls. Recycling bins are loaded with telltale empty cans of diet soda. Caffeine might as well be oxygen here. Televisions in the rapid response bullpen are tuned to President Obama’s latest speech in Ohio. As the president thunders about “roads and bridges,” aides watch attentively, exchanging notes and coordinating the campaign’s reaction in real time. Columns of cubicles break up the expansive ground...