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Culture Challenge of the Week: Bias and Spin

Robert1824 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 10:30 AM
What about the rampant CONSERVATIVE bias in the media ? You know, Rush lamebrain, Michael Sewage, Anthrax Dolter , Glenn Dreck, Sean dumber than a manattee Hannity etc?
hvogel Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 12:54 PM
Everyone you mentioned is on an opinion show. While conservatives may complain about the opinions expressed on the NY Times editorial page, they accept that anything there is properly labeled as opinion. Bias is acceptable on the editorial page. It's when opinion is injected into news stories that the bias becomes an issue. Bias comes in labeling the Heartland Group as conservative a story while not labeling the Sierra Club as liberal in the same story. When writing stories about political corruption, bias is putting a Republican's party affiliation in the headline or first paragraph, while not mentioning a Democrat's party affiliation at all (or in paragraph 19).

Beware: During this heated election season, liberal self-styled ‘public interest’ organizations might be trying to fool you. Even though they advance larger government, more taxes, pro-abortion policies and the liberal candidates that support them, you can't always tell by their ads. Many of these groups even have neutral our civic oriented sounding names. And because they sound neutral, their messages are often effective at reaching new voters who don't recognize the hidden agendas.

And through it all, our children—the future voters— are watching.

Daily tracking polls (where biased samples determine the outcome) and TV “political...