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Changing America

Robert1824 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 6:26 PM
Mit37, the US government doe snot persecute homosexuals NOW, but if right-wing scoundrels in America got their way, it WOULD do this. And remember- until fairly recently, it was common for homosexuals in America to be put in mental hospitals and subject ot brutal electro schock "therapy" to "cure" them of their homosexuality. Some were even lobotomized . A lot of the idiot homophobic bigots here talk as though they were already lobotomized - with their entire brains removed !

"The color of the world is changing day by day." -- "Les Miserables," the musical

A look at the electoral map indicates the Republican Party won in square miles. Unfortunately for them, electoral votes, not landmass, won President Obama a second term. Analysis from the Center for Responsive Politics estimated that total spending on federal elections would peak at nearly $6 billion, an all-time record. This spending included ads that carpet bombed swing states; yet we are still an almost equally divided nation. But America is rapidly changing.

Historically, the losing party turns introspective and asks itself how to...