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Britain Votes For the Beginning of the End

Robert1824 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 12:00 PM
Jay Wye, you are an ignorant, bigoted fool. What you are sAYing aout homosexuality shows what a pathetic idiot you are . Get yourself educated about the facts !
Jay Wye Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 7:21 PM
According to the report, a large analysis of risk behaviors among high school students revealed that gay and bisexual males are much more likely to have multiple sex partners, to inject illegal drugs and to use alcohol or drugs before sex. They are much less likely to use condoms.

Robbie,YOU are the one ignoring the facts.
because they don't agree with your beliefs.
Jay Wye Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 7:20 PM
the CDC DIRECTOR agrees with me. [reuters]
In 2010, 72 percent of the estimated 12,000 new HIV infections in young people occurred in young men who have sex with men, and nearly half of new infections were among young, black males.
( young men who have sex with men are a tiny fraction of the population,yet have the majority of new HIV infections. )

CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said one reason for the higher rates of infection among young gay and bisexual men of all races was a higher rate of risky behaviors compared with their heterosexual peers.
MAVERICK ONE Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 5:42 PM
Re-Jay Wye, Go to Parris Island, SC. Or to San Deigo Ca. Us Marine Corp Recurit training depot. Then go to town and proclaim you self that you are a........ Shall I say more? I venture to say you will recieve a fantastic multi-purpose ess whipping
mistermilo Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 4:26 PM
Robert, you shouldn't let Jay get your panties in a knot!!

On February 5, Britain’s House of Commons voted in favor of legalizing gay marriage. The vote is extremely alarming. It could signal the beginning of the end for Western civilization as we know it.

The idea of same-sex marriage is troubling even to some homosexuals, let alone those who hold a biblical conviction that marriage is intended by the Creator to be between a man and a woman.

The vote, which was 400-175, represented a major crack in the Conservative Party. More than half of its 303 members voted against or abstained from the measure. Prime Minister David Cameron may...