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How silly, once over the border they are are allowed to collect all that is covered by their civil rights. Welfare. phones,food stamps,housing and whatever else is available.And after your new medical costs, you will still pay for these entitelments.
one child out of wedlock - welfare. second child out of wedlock - welfare. third child out of wedlock, the three kids go to foster homes, momma gets sterelized and 3 years in prison. you will not find the father,so put all the burden on the women. see how fast they close their legs.
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Nuns Thrown Under the Bus

robert172 Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 11:10 AM
Meanwhile the antartica is expanding.
Be careful about stopping the farm bill. It needs to be greatly reduced, not eliminated. It's original intent was grain storage (4 years). Also meat inspection. To many good thing's come from this program.
the farm subsidy program pays farmers not to over produce any one particular product.It is a good idea for many small farmers, not the big guys. Also from this budget we pay for 4 years of grain (all types) storage, meat inspection and FOOD STAMPS. We started out with a good program and now look at what we created.
Are not the ten commandments found in all state and federal laws? Then whats the problem?
I am sorry to say, I have stopped giving. These idiots who voted for this guy deserve less help and respect. It hurts to be selflesh but there is no other way.
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Over the Fiscal Cliff

robert172 Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 10:35 AM
I think the word "stigma" has been removed from our speech. Ever since we passed the Civil Rights law every kook came out for his share and screw you. Now I was in favor of the law, it was long overdo, however it also took common sense away from us and made a lot of lawyers rich.
I have never had a problem with other races. My high school was 90% black, worked for years in Bed-Sty, have enjoyed entertaining them in my home and have enjoyed their homes. I am 73 without a having ANY discomfort. Now why am I turning 360?
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A Vast Moral Difference

robert172 Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 10:51 AM
Why don't the Jews just dip all their bullets in pork fat. When the bad guy get's shot no meeting with Allah is possible, he is unclean. No 72 virgins. If they believe as they say then this should end it all.
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